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Case Studies

CGA has deep experience across technology and non-technology industries. Clients include a broad range of startups and larger companies.


Business Plan Development & Capital Raising Case Study


CGA intially assisted a very early-stage technology startup with a review of the their current business plan.  Based on that a review, a much more robust business plan, strategy, and financial model was developed.  This led to a hands-on role in the development of venture capital investor materials and package.  The startup successfully raised a Seed convertible debt round as well as a Series A equity round.

  San Francisco


Capital Raising & Part-Time CFO / COO Services Case Study


CGA advised an early-stage Cleantech startup on their capital raising strategy. Based on that review, a radically-different strategy and action plan was developed which led to multiple convertible note Seed rounds from angel investors as well as a large Series A venture capital round.  In additon, CGA provided ongoing strategic and operational CFO / COO support as the business grew and expanded. This enable the CEO to leverage his time into high-value, strategic areas to grow the company faster than before.

  SF Bay Area


Business Restart & Capital Raising Case Study


CGA intially reviewed the strategy and financials of a moderately successful early-stage software startup.  Based on that analysis, a previously unknown large market opportunity was discovered.  This led to a complete strategic change and business restart.  CGA helped to spearhead the successful closing of multiple convertible note Seed rounds as well as a venture capital Series A round.

  Silicon Valley


Financial Restructuring & Debt Renegotiation Case Study


CGA reviewed and upgraded the financial model for a struggling, mature manufacturing company. The improved financial model served as the basis of a complex renegotiation of company debt with various non-bank credit providers.  As a result, the company was able to gain enough breathing space in a difficult market to restructure and reposition itself for future growth.

  SF Bay Area


Digital Marketing Case Study


CGA was contacted to improve website performance, specifically online lead generation and visitor engagement levels.

CGA initially performed a website audit and an in-depth analysis of key performance metrics.  These findings led to a restructuring of website layout and the addition of high-quality, engaging content. These changes led to a 35% increase in qualified leads in one month, while unique page views increased by 55% and session duration rose by an average of 45 seconds.

  San Francisco

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