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Growth Strategy & Marketing Analysis

Do you feel your company's growth strategy is operating within a silo?  Lack of coordination and integration of marketing techniques and financial analysis will cause customers and ROI to get lost in the middle.

Marketing strategies need to be integrated within the overall financial plan so that the company can growth efficiently and profitably.

Most startups and private companies do not have cost-effective marketing strategies. High ROI marketing strategies and campaigns are crucial for profitable growth.

CGA's unique strategic marketing services are tailored for startups and private companies to improve sales lead generation and return on investment.

CGA's marketing services include:

•    Growth Strategy Development
•    Marketing ROI Analysis
•    KPI Development
•    Establish Baseline & Benchmarks
•    Track Results against Baseline and Benchmarks

•    Ongoing Campaign Analysis

•    Pay-Per-Click Marketing

     (campaign creation & management)
•    Search Engine Optimization & Maintenance
•    Digital marketing professionals certified in

     Google Analytics and AdWords

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