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VC Deal Sizes in Silicon Valley Dwarf NY

Even though there has been a lot of talk lately about the rise of venture capital-backed startups in New York, Silicon Valley technology startups have raised over 55% more money per round on average over the past four quarters.

According to this article by CB Insights, Q1 2014 was the highest with Silicon Valley average funding and median round sizes coming in at $20.7M and $6.8M respectively, across 227 deals. While in NY, the average stood at $8.7M and median at $3.9M across 74 deals.

Early-Stage (Seed/Series A) median round sizes were 25% higher for Silicon Valley vs. NYC at $2.5M and $2M respectively over the past four quarters. Median Round sizes for Mid-Stage (Series B & C) companies were 37% higher at $12.32M and $9M respectively,

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