DoorDash Raises $17.3 Million From Sequoia To Expand Its On-Demand Delivery Service - TechCrunch Art

DoorDash has raised a $17.3 million Series A round of funding. Sequoia Capital led the round. Previous investors Khosla Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Pejman Mar Ventures, and Ted Zagat also participated. Along with the funding, Sequoia partner Alfred Lin is joining the board alongside founders Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Tony Xu.

Even though DoorDash is mainly operating in just Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose today, they have much greater ambitions.

“We don’t consider ourselves a food-delivery company, but a tech and logistics company that just happens to deal in food,” co-founder Stanley Tang says. “We’re building out the technology and infrastructure to become a super reliant and efficient delivery network.”

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