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Sand Hill Road’s Consiglieres: August Capital

Here's a great article with a fascinating profile of August Capital's investment in Microsoft in 1980. Here at CGA, we have also often been called "consigliere" to the CEO's and founders of startups that we adivse and work with.

This TechCrunch article is based on the best-selling book “Give and Take” by Adam Grant who believes that a key ingredient to success, in addition to hard work, luck and talentm is the ability to connect with people.

“The venture business is an intensely personal relationship business. And it’s not an industry that scales well,” explains Marquardt. He says he would never consider adding a value added service. “Companies should do that themselves,” he adds. Bill Gates wouldn’t let me bring in outside PR people and marketing talent — that’s what founders do, Marquardt maintains. “My view is that the CEO is ultimately responsible and accountable for everything, and they are the ones that make the decisions. The VCs are there to support and be steady”

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