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We Analyzed 2000 Angel Investors. Here are the Top 1% - CB Insights

Here's another fascinating analysis by CB Insights. This article identifies the top angel investors for seed capital rounds for startups using various criteria. For example, the top 5 angel investors by what CB Insights calls "network centrality" (i.e., the breadth and quality of an angel investor's connections) are Alexis Ohanian, Max Levchin, Garry Tan, Marc Benioff, and David Tisch.

"Academics have found that the strength of a VC’s network is a key determinant of investor success. Having a strong network for an angel investor means better deal-flow, access to better information, syndicate partners and follow-on investors. The network centrality algorithm is akin to the initial Google Pagerank algo. Simplistically, it measures the breadth of connections an investor has (the sheer # of connections) and the quality of those links, i.e. having investments get follow-on funding from Sequoia Capital is worth more than Joe Schmoe VC."

Click here to read the full article:

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