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Seed Venture Casualties? 1686 Pre-Series A Companies at Risk of Being Orphaned (Have Raised a Total

According to CB insights there are 1686 tech companies that are potential tech seed orphans. These startups have raised a seed or angel round but still have not raised a Series A venture capital round. The total amount of seed funding raised by these startups is over $1 billion in aggregate.

In CB Insight's words:

"So yes – there are many potential tech seed orphans, and yes, the Series A Crunch is alive and well. Of course, the topic which was a hot-button issue 1.5 years ago has taken a back seat to billion dollar valuations and bubble chatter. But the phenomena persists as seed funds (micro VCs) continue to be spawned at a rapid pace, and there continue to be too many seed-backed companies and not enough Series A funding."

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