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Five B2B Marketing Trends for 2015 That You Should Get a Head Start on Now

2015 is just a few months away; start building the framework of your company’s marketing strategy now with these five helpful trends.

1. Micro-targeting: It’s Time to Really Get to Know Your Customers

"Put away your one-to-many playbook and dig deeper into customization and personalization strategies to find the small, yet potentially profitable subsets of your market and niche offerings. Touching these customers will require data parsing to create the kind of one-to-one conversations for successful micro targeting.

Where to start: If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you won’t know what to say. Committing to buyer persona development lets you deep dive into needs, lifestyle, and motivations of your buyers. The work is well worth the ability to construct more relevant content strategies throughout the buying cycle, post-purchase efforts, and account-based marketing activities."

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