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Why You Need a CFO - INC. Magazine

As a strategic business partner and advisor, the role of a CFO is expanding.

A skilled CFO is able to provide crucial strategic and operational insight to increasingly complex business decisions that are no longer just financial.

"The CFO or Chief Financial Officer can help you grow your business by performing a number of essential tasks, but at the highest level they:

- Act as a right hand and sounding board to you as you grow the business. CFOs have a broad view of your whole business and can help advise across all areas."

"- Help you raise the capital needed to grow. From equity to debt to ensuring timely collection of revenue, CFOs play a key role in keeping your business fully funded.

- They maintain a deep command of all the important drivers and levers in your business as well as the industry that you operate in. Today's businesses are more data-driven than ever. CFOs can consume all that data and bubble up the few key insights that you need to pay attention to.

- They bring deep relationships with sources of capital and help relieve you of the burden of managing relationships with your investors, lenders, key partners, etc so that you can focus on actually building your business."

Learn how a part-time CFO can help your business succeed by reading the full post below:

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