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CFO's rise beyond the balance sheet - Marketplace

Many CEOs of startups as well as Owners of SMBs had an outdated view of the role of today’s CFO. As this recent article by the NPR business show “Marketplace” states:

“The job of chief financial officer has expanded dramatically over the past 15 years — they’re not just accountants anymore. “

CFOs are increasingly being asked to provide not only traditional financial and accounting skills but also a broader set of strategic and operational skills. More than ever CFOs are true business partners to CEOs in helping them improve profitability in a purposeful, strategic manner:

"“I jokingly say we’re [the CEO & CFO] BFFs, because we work hand in hand almost on a daily basis."

It’s not enough to say, “Here are the numbers.” It’s not imperative to say, “Here are the numbers, this is what they mean, and here are some options for the company to improve them”

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