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CFOs Reveal Most Unusual Expense Report Submittals - Robert Half Survey

A recent survey by Robert Half Management Resources shows that the frequency of improper expense reports has not declined:

“Chief financial officers (CFOs) said they have seen employees ask for reimbursement for everything from rental homes to beef in bulk to toilet paper. Only 11 percent of executives reported a drop in inappropriate requests over the past few years.”

Some of the strange, baffling examples of requests for expense reimbursement include:

  • “New car

  • Rental homes

  • Vacations

  • Flat-screen TV

  • Toilet paper

  • Doggie day spa

  • Loans

  • Rent

  • 10-cent parking-meter charge

  • Medications

  • Taxidermy

  • Dance classes”

In addition to the unusual requests, CFOs also were asked:

"Have you seen inappropriate expense report requests increase or decrease in the past three years?"

Their responses:

  • Significantly increase: 3%

  • Somewhat increase: 20%

  • No change: 65%

  • Somewhat decrease: 8%

Read the full press release

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