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CFO - Corner Office Analytics - Deloitte Video

A video by Deloitte highlights the need for CFOs and CEOs to focus on the right data and KPIs among endless possibilities.

The video says that CFOs are fundamentally focused on three things:

  1. The “Top Line” (i.e., sales / revenues)

  2. The “Bottom Line” (i.e., profits)

  3. Risk Management

While this is probably a gross oversimplification on what the role of the CFO is(for both large and small businesses), the video is correct in stating that there are appropriate analytics for each of these three areas.

As an example, granular, more-detailed analytics related to revenues could reveal which products are a good fit for our customers which would lead to increased cross-selling opportunities. This, of course, would increase sales and revenues.

Similarly, detailed customer analytics regarding customer profitable could yield significant insights on the drivers of various profit margins by customer or client.

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