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CFO Outlook for 2017 - Survey

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Happy New Year!

With the start of 2017, there are some interesting recent business surveys gauging the tops issues and trends facing CFOs.

A recent survey conducted by CFO Research and American Express called “The Future CFO Special Report” reveals some interesting challenges and opportunities facing CFOs and accounting departments in general. Some of the macro factors driving these issues include industry convergence, rising cyber risk, the “anywhere” workplace, and increasing political and economic uncertainty.

Below are some of the findings in the CFO survey.

“Trends CFOs Think Are Transforming Business”

  • Industry Convergence (67%)

  • Rising Cyber Risk (48%)

  • The “Anywhere” Workplace (47%)

  • Redistribution of Consumer Purchasing Power (46%)

  • Sustainability Imperative (29%)

  • Alternative Finance & Financing Mechanisms (24%)

  • Sharing Economy (22%)

“Technologies CFOs Expect to Have a Major Impact on Their Firms”

  • Cloud Computing & Services (60%)

  • Mobile Solutions (52%)

  • Internet of Things (52%)

  • Cognitive Computing (38%)

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (36%)

“CFO Optimism Around the Globe”

  • CFOs in North America: 71% are “Optimistic” vs. 65% globally

  • CFOs in Europe: Only 62% are “Optimistic”

  • CFOs in Asia / Australia: Only 59% are “Optimistic”

“Importance & Effectiveness of Strategies for CFOs to Weather Disruption”

  • Develop talent in the finance department (86% of CFOs say this is “Important”)

  • Provide input into enterprise strategy (86%)

  • Optimize planning, budgeting & forecasting (81%)

  • Drive integration of information across the enterprise (75%)

  • Identify & track new revenue growth opportunities (63%)

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